What lies in store for London’s property market?

The Evening Standard talks to property experts about how a successful COVID-19 vaccine could shape the London market. Mark Harris, chief executive of mortgage broker SPF Private Clients, said he believes a vaccine could convince banks to lower their deposit requirements for first-time buyers, as it will reduce the potential risk. “With a more positive outlook for the economy, we may see lenders' appetite for higher LTV lending increase”. Separately, in the Telegraph, Melissa Lawford says the Paris property market could offer clues as to how house prices might look at the end of the current stamp duty holiday. “The French capital experienced the same post-lockdown property rush, but without a tax break it started to fade in September,” she writes. “That means Paris offers a clearer view of what London's market looks like in the wake of the pandemic without massive, sector-specific stimulus”.

Evening Standard (17/11/2020)   The Daily Telegraph (17/11/2020)

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