Thousands of new homes planned for Poplar Riverside

Almost 5,000 new homes are planned over the next decade for the Poplar section of the River Lea, winding from north-east London via Stratford on the Thames near Canning Town. Up to 2,800 new homes will be built on the 20-acre Poplar Gasworks site in Levan Road, all served by a secondary school, shops, restaurants, offices, and a small riverside park and towpath walk. The gasworks site, which is being developed by the National Grid and Berkeley Homes, is just one of a number of projects on the Lea, along with the 1,000 new homes planned for the Aberfeldy Estate, almost 800 at Ailsa Wharf, and the 100 already completed at Leven Wharf, adjacent to the gasworks.

Evening Standard (06/05/2019)

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