NLA report presents post-COVID vision of London housing

A new study from New London Architecture (NLA) sets out a post-pandemic vision of London housing: a series of mini-towns where all services and amenities – from shops and schools to restaurants, recreation and entertainment – will be no more than 15 minutes from anyone’s front door. “London has always been a city of villages, and those centres which can accommodate a mix of housing, workplaces and leisure will be the most resilient in a post-COVID London”, says Catherine Staniland, author of the report. A sense of what may be to come can be found in East London, at developments such as Landmark Pinnacle on the South Dock in Canary Wharf, where a one-bedroom apartment at one of the capital’s tallest residential towers can be had from £559,000. Elsewhere, in Stratford, loft apartments at Stone Studios between Victoria Park and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, are available with prices ranging from £442,500 to £1.1m.

Evening Standard (10/09/2020)

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