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Canary Wharf CEO aiming to attract more residents to area

The Times interviews Shobi Khan, chief executive of the Canary Wharf Group, who is aiming to attract more workers and residents to the estate by building a "green spine" through the centre of the estate, adding parks and gardens, along with boardwalks and floating pontoons to give better access to the waterside. He argues that "there's a lack of quality housing in London and we've tapped into that. We have got entry level and yes, we'll have luxury. The whole strategy is to provide different price points for people. Wherever they are on their socioeconomic career, there's a home for them here". Mr Khan also rejects questions about the future of offices in a post-COVID world, despite rising vacancy rates, and said: "I do think we are going to see a shift of more and more people coming back to the office". 

The Times (25/11/2023)  

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