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Penthouse living at Royal Docks West

A number of three-bedroom penthouses are on the market at Royal Docks West, a 19-storey tower just a three-minute walk from Custom House. The high-rise homes include a 777 sq ft terrace, along with two balconies perfect for soaking up the riverside views. Prices begin at £1,265,000,.while two-bedroom apartments on lower floors can be had from £590,000.

Evening Standard (15/01/2019)

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House sales dropped in 85% of London boroughs

House sales dropped in 85% of London boroughs last year, according to new data, as the UK’s property market experiences a tumultuous year marred by political uncertainty. In boroughs where sales fell, the average decline was 7.6% as a weighted average, with Tower Hamlets experiencing the worst fall at 22.5%. According to the analysis by smart homes provider Project Etopia, only five boroughs in the capital experienced a rise in transactions, with an average growth of 6.8%. “Falling transaction levels in a city like London, where affordability is a critical problem, is a sign of a sick housing market that refuses to adjust,” said Joseph Daniels, chief executive of Project Etopia.

City AM (11/01/2019)

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Homebuyers holding out for Brexit

More would-be homebuyers are opting to rent instead whilst they wait for Brexit to produce bargain property prices. A report from OneFamily warned that, as well as deterring young people from buying, existing homeowners are also delaying moving up the ladder. Some are choosing to sell and move back into rented accommodation, gambling on a house price crash before making their next purchase. If prices fall substantially, this strategy could make homeowners tens of thousands of pounds in profit, but they risk losing cash if prices recover.

The Daily Telegraph (11/01/2019)

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Renters have higher stress than home owners

Renters experience higher levels of harmful stress chemicals in their blood than those who own their home, a study from the Institute for Social and Economic Research suggests. Researchers looking at the health impacts of insecure or low quality housing suggest that renting privately could be harmful to the health and argue this should be considered when developing housing policies. The study also revealed that those living in flats had higher levels of a biological marker known as C-reactive protein (CRP) than those living in detached properties. CRP is a chemical found at elevated levels in the blood in response to stress, injury and infection .

The Independent (14/01/2019)    The Daily Telegraph (14/01/2019)

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London sees decline in million-pound home sales

New house price data from Lloyds Bank Private Banking has revealed a decline in sales of homes worth £1m or more in London, down 8%, with the capital's market share across the country of such homes falling to 57%, down 3% from 2017. Sarah Deaves, UK Wealth Director at Lloyds Bank, said: “Political uncertainty is likely to be influencing buyers’ decisions in the capital…Explanations for [nationwide] could be that homes outside of the capital are less likely to be used for investment with purchaser buying properties to live in”.

The Sunday Telegraph (06/01/2019)


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Nationwide: House price growth slowest in nearly six years

UK house prices grew at an annual pace of 0.5% in December, compared to 2.6% in 2017, according to Nationwide Building Society – the slowest annual rate since February 2013. Northern Ireland saw the biggest house price rises, up 5.8%. Prices in Wales climbed 4%, in Scotland they were up 0.9% and in England they rose 0.7%. London and the surrounding areas continue to see prices fall, by 0.8% and 1.4% respectively.

BBC News (04/01/2019)

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